Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918) was born in Austria and was one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. Klimt is well known for his paintings, sketches and murals, often painting female subjects in works in portraits and allegories, but also completing a series of beautiful landscapes.

Early in his artistic career, he was a successful painter of architectural decorations in a conventional manner. As he began to develop a more personal style, his work was the subject of controversy that culminated when the paintings he completed around 1900 for the ceiling of the Great Hall of the University of Vienna were criticized as pornographic. He subsequently accepted no more public commissions, but achieved a new success with the paintings of his “golden phase”, many of which include gold leaf. Klimt’s work was an important influence on his younger peer Egon Schiele.

The Kiss

The Friends


Lady With a Hat and Feather Boa

Lady With a Fan

Knight in Shining Armour


Seated Female Figure from Behind



Hymn to Joy Detail Beethoven Frieze

Hygieia Detail-of Medicine



Expectation detail


Beethoven Frieze the Kiss for the World


Church at Unterach on the Attersee

Beech Forest Buchenwald

Church in Cassone

Farm Garden with Crucifix

Farm Garden with Flowers

Farmhouse in Buchberg

Farm House with Birch Trees

Farmhouse at Kammer on the Atterseemill

Forest Slope in Unterach

Field of Flowers

Forest of Firs

Forsthous in Wiessenbach, House of Guardaboshi

Forest of Firs II

Forsthous in Wiessenbach II, House of Guardaboshi

Garden Landscape with the Hilltop

Garden Path with Chickens

Houses in Unterach on Lake Attersee

Island in Lake Attersee

Italian Garden Landscape

Farm Garden

Malcesine on Lake Garda

Landscape Garden Blooming Meadow

Litzlbergkeller on Lake Attersee


Orchard with Roses

Pine Forest

Pond at Schloss Kammer on Attersee

Rose Bushes Under the Trees

Poppy Field

SchlossKammer Avenue

Schlosskammer on Lake Attersee II

SchlosKammer on Lake Attersee I

Schlosskammer on the Attersee IV

Schlosskammer on the Attersee III

Secluded Pond

Shonbrunn Park

The Pear Tree

Tall Poplars

The Park


The Swamp

Villa on the Attersee

Apple Tree

After the Rain



The Tree of Life Detail of Stoclet Friese

The Realms of Nature

The Three Ages of Woman

The Bride Unfinished

The Blind Man

Study for the Gorgon in Beethoven Friese

Study for Couple in the Kiss

Silverfish Water Nymphs

Serena Lederer

Recumbent Lovers from the Right

Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer

Pale Face

Moving Water

Nuda Veritas

Love Couples

Movement and Costume Study


Judith II Salome


In the Morning

Emilie Floge

Drawing of Female Sleeping Nudes

Death and Life

Beethoven Frieze Hymn to Joy Detail


Adele Block Bauer

Allegory of Sculpture